As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the photo organization scripts available for download on this page are very old and unsupported. If you would like a fully-packaged KDE/Qt based package instead of these scripts, along with a database backend to store, archive and search through your images, please take a look at the iOta software package. Binaries are available for FreeBSD and Linux, but should compile easily on most Unix-like platforms running KDE/Qt.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in the scripts themselves to customize and use them to organize, archive and publish your digital images from a digital camera or a scanner, they have been described below. Most of these scripts are rudimentary, but do the job well. Therefore, please do not expect fancy error-checking from them. On the other hand, they are free to use and to modify by anyone as they deem necessary, i.e., in more formal terms, they adhere to the BSD Licence.

Before downloading the scripts on this page, please read the organization and publishing tips.

Scripts for Archiving Photographs

Scripts for Web Publishing